13 Aug

How to deactivate or reactivate your listing.

If you need to take you ad down there are two ways to do it.

1. Mark your ad as private.

On your dashboard, look at the right site and click on “Configure” which is under “Settings”. You will then see an option for “Publish/Private”.
Then click “Make Private”.

To activate a listing you just do the same thing in the reverse order.

2. Change the expiration date.

By default you ad will expire after a set period of time. If you leave the ad up long enough it will automatically expire. However if you need to take an ad down early you can change the expiration date to today and it will expire.

Click on the listings title and it will take you into the area where you can edit the ad.

Under the listing title area you will see the “Listing expiration date” area. That will let you change the date to today, or previous, which will take the ad down.

If you need to reactivate the ad, you can set the expiration date to the future and that will put the ad back on the website.