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Pic Summary Seek/Sell Price
Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics 18
Great Prophecies of the Bible by Ralph Woodrow 5.00 new
Walking in the Spirit - Gal. Study by Dr. Pettit $10 - sell
Systematic Theology Set by Charles Hodge $35
An Introduction to the New Testament by Carson $18
The Treasury of David Set- Old Time Gospel Hour Ed $35
Everything's an Argument with Readings $5
McGraw-Hill "Conquering GRE Math" (3rd edition) $10 (negotiable)
ETS official GRE study book pack (2nd edition) $15
LEFT BEHIND: The Kids $2 each, any 3 or more $1.50 each
The LEFT BEHIND Series Individual vols. 123456
The LEFT BEHIND Series complete set 40
Marketing $20
Value of Camp by Walt Brock $5.00 - sell
Life in the Father's House $10 - sell
Box of Hymnals/song books $25.00 plus shipping